Saturday, May 1, 2010

Response to Jessica's Blog

Jessica's blog was about the Raw milk debate. A debate that has been made most famous in Wisconsin (the dairy state) over the past couple years. This debate is partial to the legal selling of raw milk, which is not legal in stores now, so that the average person can buy it in any grocery store.
The first article that Jessica linked to was about a man who drank raw milk to heal his Crohn's disease. This is pretty interesting considering there are not too many conventional ways to heal any illness as serious. However this man was receiving flak for supporting a "dangerous food commodity".
The second article that Jessica linked to was against the selling of raw milk claiming that it cause many deaths centuries ago and it could possibly start again. This article claims that many people died from drinking raw milk but, many people die every year from more sever causes than raw milk.
Jessica's point is valid that the second article's argument isn't very persuasive at all. They have quite a few short comings and do not explain everything in great detail. They also lack scientific fact, which always helps an argument.
Frankly, I'm against raw milk mostly in the fact that we, humans, have pasteurized milk for a good 3 centuries and have had little problems with it, now that people have gotten comfortable to not having to fear milk they want it unpasteurized and raw. This is completely dangerous and the cons do not outweigh the pros in my mind. I believe that as soon as we legalize raw milk it will be used and not labeled in many products that we, the non-raw milk drinkers will consume and be put at risk for diseases such as tuberculosis. Now whether or not this is true I'd rather stay away from the chances of consuming raw milk, since I am threatened by hundreds of ways to die everyday, I do not need another plaguing me.

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