Monday, April 19, 2010

Response to Austin's fake vs. real food.

Austin talked about in his post about eating fake mashed potatoes. Claiming that at one point he would eat potatoes quite frequently being in college is when he switched to fake potatoes. Not because fake potatoes are better but simply because it is much easier being in college and cooking fake potatoes.
I have to agree with Austin entirely in his blog about fake potatoes. I was once like him, while I preferred the real mashed potatoes because they just had a bit better consistency, fake potatoes were pretty close to the real thing and that satisfied me enough. Austin talks about how using fake potatoes is just much more convenient than having to peel, boil and mash actual potatoes and real potatoes don't even give a greater nutritional advantage. This also makes me sad because I always hoped the potato was rich in vitamins and minerals since it is one of the most eaten vegetables.
All of the easiness put aside I would still rather have the real potatoes because you can leave the bits of skin in the potatoes making them even more delicious because they add a little more flavor and substance to the potatoes. All in all fake or real mashed potatoes are delicious

"Real" food vs. "fake" food

Often times in this world of ours it is difficult to find "real" food. I'm not entirely sure that I have but for the sake of this blog I believe I have eaten a real cheeseburger at some point. If my memory suits me it was while I was on vacation in Virginia and my family and I went to a fancy restaurant. This restaurant is where I had the most delicious burger ever. It was juicy and hot and melted in my mouth. All of these things I remember and that was almost 10 years ago.
Nowadays, most of the time my burgers are either from Mcdonald's or Frank's Place. Sure these sub par burgers satisfy my hunger but they cannot compare to that burger I had years ago. These "fake" burgers do not taste the same, they are saturated in salt and condiments and one cannot actually taste the meat. The "fake" burger is actually bad for you since it contains tons of saturated fat which leads to heart disease.
I never really wanted to switch to fake burgers but the reason it happened is because they are much more affordable. I hope to have a real burger again sometime soon.
The person who wrote this article was talking about the differences between grass-fed burger and boca (or veggie) burgers. We made a lot of the same points because we both preferred delicious real meat over processed salt saturated piles of so called "meat". I hope that soon Americans will learn good taste and I will be able to return to good food.