Friday, March 5, 2010

Second Post: Preparing a meal

Well being a Freshman in college and living in the dorms instead of buying stuff to make a meal I thought it would be better to take advantage of the eating hall Frank's and get some tacos on Tuesday. Taco Tuesday is amazing, all you can eat, pretty much, and it only costs four dollars. I started off with a bed of tortilla chips and grabbed four soft taco shells. Then I layered on the seasoned beef and nacho cheese. Then I went for the condiments: more cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, jalepenos, green onions, and of course more cheese. Next, I grabbed a fork and used it to break up the tortilla chips and scoop this hefty plate of what I call "deliciousness" onto a tortilla and essentially make soft shell crunchy tacos. Afterwards I felt quite full and satisfied and it's always easy to take this route, instead of creating everything myself.
I agree with Pollan that in an effort to create better tasting food we have riddled it with trans-fats and other awful things. My question is as people was it necessary to do this just so we could eat awfully for three square meals a day? My personal philosophy is that one can eat whatever one wants except you need to be careful and make sure you balance every unhealthy meal with two healthy ones. This article contains evidence of exactly what I'm talking about. Ragging on children who snack, even though for adults apparently it's healthy to eat more smaller meals a day, essentially what I call snacking. A simple solution would to feed children small meals (4 healthy meals and one can be unhealthy) more often thus increasing their metabolism and increasing their activity. I think this would decrease the number of obese children and increase the amount of production in future generations.

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