Thursday, March 25, 2010

Response to Pat's blog "I Made a Meal"

In Pat's blog he interestingly enough makes himself some sweet and sour chicken. A delicious choice I would say and considering that it was in the middle of the week and in his dorm I do not blame him for having it store bought. I like Pat don't really have a kitchen in my dorm (although we do have a small plug in griddle) although one learns to deal with his surroundings.
I completely agree with Pat when he says that he thinks Pollan and the other guy he linked to are wrong for saying that people don't enjoy food. Of course people enjoy food it's delicious, savory and is one of the most modest pleasures one could have. Okay, so maybe not everyone enjoys food as much as Pat and I, but I know that no matter what kind of food it is I try to enjoy it. Actually to bring up a personal situation, I hate salads, hate them so much it seems to me that it is pointless to eat them and why should I force myself to? Because it is good for me well I'm sure I could eat some other sort of vegetable that would give me the same effects.
Okay, so after that small rant while I do understand where Pollan is coming from in saying that people don't enjoy food, I think he means that people don't eat good home cooked food as often anymore and therefore don't appreciate it as much. Again, being in college it is much easier to appreciate home cooked meals than ever before. I'm actually really excited to go home tomorrow for Spring Break so I can eat some home cooking.

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