Thursday, March 25, 2010

Demo Speech Self Eval

Alright, to start off I'll just say it flat out that a paper crane was not the best topic for a how to demonstration speech. It was quite difficult to teach in such a short time and maybe I could avoided such catastrophe if I just showed everyone how to do it instead of having people try to make one along with me. thought my organization was good but, I did forget to mention a few things which threw me off.
Anyway, I thought my introduction was really strong and I thought I had a lot of energy and made very good eye contact, besides the looking down to fold the paper although that was unavoidable. As far as me not dressing formally, I wore the same clothes I wore in high school because I was suppose to say that that's where I learned to make a paper crane in the first place and therefore would be most in my element and most comfortable to wear the same clothes.
As far as my visual aids, I think a giant sheet of paper would have definitely helped in everyone seeing all of the folds but, the little sheets were effective. A giant sheet would have looked way cooler at the end too, because I would have a giant crane.
I would not choose the same topic again because it was too complicated to teach in five minutes. I would have used a much larger piece of paper and I would have liked to have added a small anecdote which happened in High School where my friend and I filled one of my teachers car with 3,000 paper cranes.
All in all I thought I handled everyones frustration well and just decided to finish the speech in a timely fashion and I hope you all enjoyed it, because I know it made me laugh.

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