Thursday, March 25, 2010

Demo Speech Self Eval

Alright, to start off I'll just say it flat out that a paper crane was not the best topic for a how to demonstration speech. It was quite difficult to teach in such a short time and maybe I could avoided such catastrophe if I just showed everyone how to do it instead of having people try to make one along with me. thought my organization was good but, I did forget to mention a few things which threw me off.
Anyway, I thought my introduction was really strong and I thought I had a lot of energy and made very good eye contact, besides the looking down to fold the paper although that was unavoidable. As far as me not dressing formally, I wore the same clothes I wore in high school because I was suppose to say that that's where I learned to make a paper crane in the first place and therefore would be most in my element and most comfortable to wear the same clothes.
As far as my visual aids, I think a giant sheet of paper would have definitely helped in everyone seeing all of the folds but, the little sheets were effective. A giant sheet would have looked way cooler at the end too, because I would have a giant crane.
I would not choose the same topic again because it was too complicated to teach in five minutes. I would have used a much larger piece of paper and I would have liked to have added a small anecdote which happened in High School where my friend and I filled one of my teachers car with 3,000 paper cranes.
All in all I thought I handled everyones frustration well and just decided to finish the speech in a timely fashion and I hope you all enjoyed it, because I know it made me laugh.

Response to Pat's blog "I Made a Meal"

In Pat's blog he interestingly enough makes himself some sweet and sour chicken. A delicious choice I would say and considering that it was in the middle of the week and in his dorm I do not blame him for having it store bought. I like Pat don't really have a kitchen in my dorm (although we do have a small plug in griddle) although one learns to deal with his surroundings.
I completely agree with Pat when he says that he thinks Pollan and the other guy he linked to are wrong for saying that people don't enjoy food. Of course people enjoy food it's delicious, savory and is one of the most modest pleasures one could have. Okay, so maybe not everyone enjoys food as much as Pat and I, but I know that no matter what kind of food it is I try to enjoy it. Actually to bring up a personal situation, I hate salads, hate them so much it seems to me that it is pointless to eat them and why should I force myself to? Because it is good for me well I'm sure I could eat some other sort of vegetable that would give me the same effects.
Okay, so after that small rant while I do understand where Pollan is coming from in saying that people don't enjoy food, I think he means that people don't eat good home cooked food as often anymore and therefore don't appreciate it as much. Again, being in college it is much easier to appreciate home cooked meals than ever before. I'm actually really excited to go home tomorrow for Spring Break so I can eat some home cooking.

Analysis of a celebrity endorsement

While preparing myself to do this blog self I decided to watch some T.V. first when the Snickers commercial came on containing Betty White and I thought to myself perfect. The commercial contains a young man (portrayed by Betty White) who is playing a game of football with his buddies. After getting tackled he is said to be playing like Betty White until he eats a Snickers bar and turns into his normal self. The ad then ends with the saying "You're not you when you're hungry!"
In my opinion I think that Betty White may not have all the expertise to endorse Snickers but it was still very amusing. I think a child would be more of an expert on candy but then again how would one describe someone as being an expert in candy? I think overall it was a successful commercial because it did what a good commercial does, grab your attention and show it's product in an everyday situation. Now since Snickers is a candy bar it comes down entirely to the taste of the candy and whether or not you like chocolate, peanuts and caramel with nougat.
Like I said before this ad was quite successful and I actually found some evidence on how successful. I found a link that states that it was voted in the most like ad of the entire Superbowl, a very prestigious award if I do say so myself. All in all this commercial was amusing and admirable and it's great to see Betty White back on the television.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Response to Tom's blog "He endorses What?"

Tom's post talked about how Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, actually did commercials for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. Tom said it was well done and possibly helped I Can't Believe It's Not Butter to sell more to the public just because Ozzy Osbourne was selling it on T.V.
After reading th post I was thinking to myself "No way could Ozzy Osbourne possibly be respected after doing a I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercial" I've always had contempt for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, most likely because I love real butter, and I've never really liked Ozzy Osbourne's commercials all that much. Then I watched the commercial that Tom provided a link for and I completely changed my mind. This commercial was extremely well done and played into Ozzy's drug persona well and actually made me want to try I Can't Believe It's Not Butter on my next piece of toast.
Tom's other link proved entertaining if to say the least. The man talked more about I Can't Believe It's Not Butter than Ozzy Osbourne but, he did agree with both Tom and me about how this was a very effective commercial probably to all just because of Ozzy Osbourne. Whether or not Ozzy Osbourne has the expertise really wasn't picked at, although spreading margarine isn't fairly difficult at all so Ozzy might as well have had I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.
All in all this was a very well done blog and really caught and kept my attention. It could have gone into more detail (I'm thinking now that Tom may have not finished it yet, oh well) but even so it still hits the nail on the head and kept me interested for far longer than I thought any student blog would.

Second Post: Preparing a meal

Well being a Freshman in college and living in the dorms instead of buying stuff to make a meal I thought it would be better to take advantage of the eating hall Frank's and get some tacos on Tuesday. Taco Tuesday is amazing, all you can eat, pretty much, and it only costs four dollars. I started off with a bed of tortilla chips and grabbed four soft taco shells. Then I layered on the seasoned beef and nacho cheese. Then I went for the condiments: more cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, jalepenos, green onions, and of course more cheese. Next, I grabbed a fork and used it to break up the tortilla chips and scoop this hefty plate of what I call "deliciousness" onto a tortilla and essentially make soft shell crunchy tacos. Afterwards I felt quite full and satisfied and it's always easy to take this route, instead of creating everything myself.
I agree with Pollan that in an effort to create better tasting food we have riddled it with trans-fats and other awful things. My question is as people was it necessary to do this just so we could eat awfully for three square meals a day? My personal philosophy is that one can eat whatever one wants except you need to be careful and make sure you balance every unhealthy meal with two healthy ones. This article contains evidence of exactly what I'm talking about. Ragging on children who snack, even though for adults apparently it's healthy to eat more smaller meals a day, essentially what I call snacking. A simple solution would to feed children small meals (4 healthy meals and one can be unhealthy) more often thus increasing their metabolism and increasing their activity. I think this would decrease the number of obese children and increase the amount of production in future generations.