Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Can't Believe it's Not a Better Title: 1st post on Michael Pollan

In the beginning of In Defense of Food it talks a lot about how American society is strictly made of "fake" food. Michael Pollan claims that most Americans are stuck in the "Western Diet" and that Americans are overcome with health problems from these awful diets. I completely agree that it would be nice to eat real food nowadays but, to be realistic one has to realize that humanity could be too overpopulated to support our population on organic diets. I disagree that "fake" foods are entirely an evil in this world.
I agree with Michael Pollan that it would be nice to eat real meat and fruits that did not start out in a petri dish. This got me thinking though, could the world really switch to a completely organic diet? No more giant slaughterhouses that pump their product full of hormones and antibiotics? So in respect to this blog I figured it would not be a bad thing to do some research and found an excellent source that completely backs up Pollan. This article talks about how in a simulated society organic grown food could completely feed the population.
The so called "imitation foods" that Pollan talks about makes them sound like they were created to kill the consumers. I do not believe this is entirely true. Imitation foods have many positives about them. For one Pollan focuses on only the most obvious like margarine where in face many imitation foods would be anything made out of soy which is extremely healthy for an individual. Now, I'm not a vegetarian but, how can one say anything bad about a product that can be filled with tons of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that one could not get from their normal diet. Imitation foods are needed to help keep Americans healthy...Americans just need to be careful about which imitation foods they are eating.

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Post

Sucessfully linked to the class blog. This blog was interesting, I thought I'd try and find one based on my paper so it's all about alternative energy. I don't agree with all of it and to be honest it feels kinda of biased to me, but I thought it would be a nice blog to include in my first post. This next blog was harder to find but I thought I would find something that supported fossil fuels which is harder to do so instead it's more of a blog on the effects of the energy industry and when one side isn't supported the other is.